Rising Popularity of TikTok During the Pandemic: Utilization of the Application Vis-À-Vis Students’ Engagement

  title={Rising Popularity of TikTok During the Pandemic: Utilization of the Application Vis-{\`A}-Vis Students’ Engagement},
  author={Salasac Clarissa and Joseph T. Lobo},
  journal={American Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation},
TikTok has been one of the most used Social Networking Services (SNS) worldwide. It has grown into a platform with a broad range of content, including sports, fashion, performing arts, and education, encouraging learners to join the community. This descriptive-correlational aimed to determine the relationship between TikTok Utilization and the Level of Engagement of BPeA students of the City College of Angeles. After gathering data from 103 respondents through an online survey, the findings… 
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