Rise and fall of hidden string order of lattice bosons BERG , Erez

  title={Rise and fall of hidden string order of lattice bosons BERG , Erez},
  author={Erez Berg and Emanuele G. Dalla Torre and Thierry Giamarchi and Ehud Altman},
We investigate the ground-state properties of a newly discovered phase of one-dimensional lattice bosons with extended interactions [E. G. Dalla Torre et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 260401 (2006)]. The new phase, termed the Haldane insulator in analogy with the gapped phase of spin-1 chains, is characterized by a nonlocal order parameter, which can only be written as an infinite string in terms of the bosonic densities. We show that the string order can nevertheless be probed with physical fields… CONTINUE READING

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The mapping of the odd sector to an Ising model at the HI to DW transition point can be done using a technique developed by D . G . Shelton , A . A . Nersesyan , and A . M . Tsvelik

J. Zaanen
Phys . Rev . B Phys . Rev . B Quantum Physics in One Dimension  Phys . Rev . B Phys . Rev . B Phys . Rev . Lett . Curren Topics in Condensed Matter and Particle Physics

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