Riot Grrrl: Revolutions from within

  title={Riot Grrrl: Revolutions from within},
  author={Jessica Rosenberg and Gitana Garofalo},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
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Les AA. portent leur attention sur un mouvement musical qui s'est developpe a Washington a partir de 1991 : le « Riot Grrrl » qui s'efforce de promouvoir le punk rock feminin aux Etats-Unis. Elles passent en revue les objectifs politiques de ce mouvement et notamment ses revendications concernant les relations entre les sexes. Elles montrent de quelle maniere les musiciennes au sein de ce mouvement envisagent leur appartenance ethnique et communautaire. Elles soulignent que ces dernieres sont… 
L’art de conquérir le contrepublic : les zines féministes, une voie/x subalterne et politique?
Cet article utilise les theories sur la sphere publique de Jurgen Habermas et l’idee d’un contrepublic subalterne de Nancy Fraser pour reflechir a la portee politique des zines feministes. L’auteure
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In debates about migration from Mexico, popular culture, especially music, can be an important political space for expressing feelings and thoughts about nativist discourses. Ann Cvetkovich’s notion
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From Riot Grrrls to roller derby? Exploring the relations between gender, music and sport
The current revival of the sport of roller derby was initiated in 2001 by members of the Riot Grrrl movement in Austin, Texas. Since then, the sport has grown rapidly across the globe. In roller
Fernanda Laguna y proyectos que tejen redes. Otra manera de leer lo político en el arte
  • J. Novelli
  • Itinerarios. Revista de estudios lingüísticos, literarios, históricos y antropológicos
  • 2021
El artículo analiza ciertos proyectos artísticos ideados por la poeta y artista plástica Fernanda Laguna. Entre los distintos proyectos, nos detendremos especialmente en la galería de arte y
10.1 German punk feminist festivals’ gender politics and social space: between identity and anti-identity politics
Growing out of diverse influences, including for example the Riot Grrrl scene, intersectional feminism and queer movements, punk-feminist festivals associate theory, activism and art, and act as
We accept you, one of us?: punk rock, community, and individualism in an uncertain era, 1974-1985
Mary Montgomery Wolf “We Accept You, One of Us?”: Punk Rock, Community, and Individualism in an Uncertain Era, 1974-1985 (Under the direction of Peter G. Filene) This dissertation is a study of a
Activate, collaborate, participate: The network revolutions of riot grrrl-affiliated music worlds
Social networks act as a metaphor for discussion about many historical and contemporary music worlds. Much of the literature on feminist music movements like riot grrrl, ladyfest and Girls Rock camps
"We're the girls with the bad reputations" : the rhetoric of Riot Grrrl
Throughout the 1980s, President Reagan’s administration waged an undeclared war on feminism by defeating the Equal Rights Amendment and employing both the Department of Education and U.S. Supreme