Rings of order p3

  title={Rings of order p3},
  author={Vladimir Antipkin and V. P. Elizarov},
  journal={Siberian Mathematical Journal},
The present paper presents a classification of the rings of order p3 which differs from the ciassifications given in (13) and (14). We show that there are 52 nonisomorphic rings for p = 2 and 3p + 50 for p ~ 2. The same result was obtained in (14) by accident, since (14) contains some "errors of signs." At the same time we clarify some errors contained in (I0) and (13). In contrast to (13) and (14) our paper makes essential use of properties of finite rings. The description of rings of order p3… 
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  • P. Erdös
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  • 1958
A question which Chalk and L. Moser asked me several years ago led me to the following problem: Let 0 < x ≤ y. Estimate the smallest f(x) so that there should exist integers u and v satisfying 1 I am
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On Finite Rings