Ring chromosome 10 and its clinical features.

  title={Ring chromosome 10 and its clinical features.},
  author={Hiroshi Nakai and Masayuki Adachi and Noriko Katsushima and Nobuhiro Yamazaki and Masaki Sakamoto and Kouji Tada},
  journal={Journal of medical genetics},
  volume={20 2},
A 2-year-old boy with mental and growth retardation is presented; he has a 46,XY,r(10)(p15q26) chromosome complement. Five previously reported cases of ring chromosome 10 were reviewed and compared with the present case in an attempt to delineate a clinical syndrome. Since the first description, identified by Giemsa banding by Lansky et al, four other r(10) patients have been described. Their common features were mental and growth retardation, low birth weight, microcephaly, stubby nose… CONTINUE READING