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Rigorous bounds on irrelevant operators in the 3d Ising model CFT

  title={Rigorous bounds on irrelevant operators in the 3d Ising model CFT},
  author={Marten Reehorst},
We use the recently developed navigator method to obtain rigorous upper and lower bounds on new OPE data in the 3d Ising CFT. For example, assuming that there are only two Z2-even scalar operators and ′ with a dimension below 6 we find a narrow allowed interval for ∆ ′ , λσσ ′ and λ ′ . With similar assumptions in the Z2-even spin-2 and the Z2-odd scalar sectors we are also able to constrain: the central charge cT ; the OPE data ∆T ′ , λ T ′ and λσσT ′ of the second spin-2 operator; and the OPE… 
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