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Rigidity, lattices and invariant measures beyond homogeneous dynamics

  title={Rigidity, lattices and invariant measures beyond homogeneous dynamics},
  author={David Fisher},
  • D. Fisher
  • Published 29 November 2021
  • Mathematics
This article discusses two recent works by the author, one with Brown and Hurtado on Zimmer’s conjecture and one with Bader, Miller and Stover on totally geodesic submanifolds of real and complex hyperbolic manifolds. The main purpose of juxtaposing these two very disparate sets of results in one article is to emphasize a common aspect: that the study of invariant and partially invariant measures outside the homogeneous setting is important to questions about rigidity in geometry and dynamics… 


This is a preliminary version of lecture notes based on a 6 hour course given at the workshop Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity held in Provo, Utah June 2017. The goal of this course is two-fold.
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