Rights from wrongs

  title={Rights from wrongs},
  author={S. Psillos},
Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge.By Deborah G. Mayo University of Chicago Press: 1996. Pp. 493. $74, £59.25 (hbk); $29.95, £23.95 (pbk). 
Liberty v. Libel: Disparity and Reconciliation in Freedom of Expression Theory
Diverse theoretical positions in freedom of expression have established varying values relevant to democracy. This essay offers a broad-based critique of the state of freedom of expression theory,Expand
Two Concepts of Empirical Ethics
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Somewhere over the Rainbow Nation: Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Activism in South Africa*
This study addresses the apparent paradox that South Africa's gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) movement, although opposed by the vast majority of the population, has progressed much faster sinceExpand
Limiting of the right to privacy in the context of protection of national security
For the last several decades, ensuring human rights and national security have remained an important goal and a condition for existence of every state. The interests of national security oftenExpand
Governing the domestic space of the traveller in the UK: ‘family’, ‘home’ and the struggle over Dale Farm
Abstract This article contends that domesticity and processes of domestication maintain a central role in the (re)production of British citizenship. Domesticity provides a template for living thatExpand
Minority and indigenous rights at `the end of history'
L'interet philosophique pour l'identite et l'ethnicite a ete conditionne par des evenements et des processus politiques et juridiques et, en retour, il a la capacite de les influencer. L'A. seExpand