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Right to Refuse Treatment : Impact of Rivers

  title={Right to Refuse Treatment : Impact of Rivers},
  author={J. Richard Ciccone and John F. Tokoli and Colleen D. Clements and Thomas E. Gift}
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La judiciarisation du traitement du malade psychiatrique inapte qui refuse catégoriquement de consentir
Psychiatrists in particular face a cliinical, legal and social dilemma in treating their patients who are likely to categorically oppose treatment. This article illustrates this dilemma in the


The right to refuse treatment in Oregon: A two-year statewide experience
This article empirically examines the 432 refusals leading to override requests in three Oregon psychiatric institutions in 1983 and 1984 and proposes a new procedure which combines parts of the current procedure with a requirement that, at the time of the civil commitment hearing, the judge makes a separate decision as to the patient's competency to make treatment decisions.
Drug refusal: a study of psychiatric inpatients.
Although refusal of medication was common, most episodes were self-limited and only 5 of 72 episodes seriously impaired patient care; each of these cases appeared to be delusionally motivated.
A study of medication refusal by involuntary psychiatric patients.
Two-week follow-up of 12 patients in the refuser group showed that they were less likely to refuse drugs and were clinically improved; however, six of the patients still preferred to refuse medication despite their clinical improvement.
Treatment refusal among forensic inpatients.
The authors review Oregon's administrative approach and its application to the treatment refusal of 33 state hospital forensic patients.
A study of the right to refuse treatment.
The Supreme Court ruled that "clear-and-convincing" rather than "beyond-a-reasonable-doubt" evidence was sufficient to hospitalize a mentally ill person against his will.
Empirical research on the effects of legal policy on the right to refuse treatment , in The Right to Refuse Antipsychotic Medication
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