Right atrial ultrastructural in chronic rheumatic heart disease.

  title={Right atrial ultrastructural in chronic rheumatic heart disease.},
  author={Tuan D. Pham and John J Fenoglio},
  journal={International journal of cardiology},
  volume={1 3-4},
We studied with ultrastructure techniques portions of right atrium resected at operation from 12 patients with chronic rheumatic heart disease and 6 patients with non-rheumatic valvular heart disease. The right atrial pressures, duration of symptoms and age of the patients were comparable in both groups. Ten of the 12 rheumatic and 4 of the 6 non-rheumatic patients had atrial fibrillation. In the 12 rheumatic patients we found severe interstitial fibrosis, extensive cellular degeneration (17… CONTINUE READING


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