Right-Handed Nucleosome: Myth or Reality?

  title={Right-Handed Nucleosome: Myth or Reality?},
  author={Christophe Lavelle and Pierre Recouvreux and Hua Wong and Aur{\'e}lien Bancaud and Jean-Louis Viovy and Ariel Prunell and Jean-Marc Victor},
In their recent paper in Cell, Furuyama and Henikoff (2009) report that nucleosomes in centromeres may be right-handed, that is, they wrap DNA in a right-handed manner and induce positive supercoils. This raises intriguing new questions, such as how centromeric histone variants may be assembled into right-handed particles, and why chromatin would retain negative supercoiling in chromosome arms but positive supercoiling in centromeres. We wish to comment on these new findings in the context of… CONTINUE READING