Rift on the record

  title={Rift on the record},
  author={Bernard Wood},
  • B. Wood
  • Published 1993
  • Geography
  • Nature
Can Climate Influence Cultural Development? A View through Time
Despite the devastating impact that flooding, drought and fire associated with the 1982/3 and 1997/8 El Ni?o events had on both the natural environment and human society, there is little informationExpand


Oldest Homo and Pliocene biogeography of the Malawi Rift
The evidence suggests that Pliocene hominids originated in the eastern African tropical domain and dispersed to southern Africa only during more favourable ecological circumstances. Expand
Taxonomic and geographic diversity in robust australopithecines and other African Plio-Pleistocene larger mammals
Abstract There is considerable evidence to support the allocation of all eastern and southern African robust australopithecines to the genus Paranthropus, but the case for a polyphyletic origin isExpand
Variation among early Homo crania from Olduvai Gorge and the Koobi Fora region.
  • G. P. Rightmire
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of physical anthropology
  • 1993
There is now substantial support for the view that in the Turkana and perhaps also in the Olduvai assemblages, there is more variation than would be expected among male and female conspecifics. Expand
Mammals as a Key to Evolutionary Theory
Preliminary tests using the late Neogene records of the Americas and Africa suggest that major aspects of the Great American Interchange have parallels in the African record, as predicted by the habitat theory. Expand
Origin and evolution of the genus Homo
It is remarkable that the taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of the earliest known representatives of our own genus, Homo, remain obscure. Advances in techniques for absolute dating andExpand
Response of deep ocean circulation to initiation of northern hemisphere glaciation (3–2 MA)
Carbon isotopic records from benthic foraminifera are used to map patterns of deep ocean circulation between 3 and 2 million years ago, the interval when significant northern hemisphere glaciationExpand
2.5-Myr Australopithecus boisei from west of Lake Turkana, Kenya
Specimens of Australopithecus boisei have been found in 2.5-Myr-old sediments west of Lake Turkana, Kenya. The primitive morphology of these early A. boisei suggests that robust and hyper-robustExpand
Ages of tuff beds at East African early hominid sites and sediments in the Gulf of Aden
The early hominids of East Africa were dated by determining the ages of tuff beds at the sites. Despite much research using palaeomagnetic and K/Ar-dating techniques, some of those ages are stillExpand
Oxygen isotope calibration of the onset of ice-rafting and history of glaciation in the North Atlantic region
We report here that DSDP Site 552A, cored with the hydraulic piston corer on the west flank of Rockall Bank, recovered an undisturbed sequence of alternating white deep-sea carbonate oozes andExpand