Rietveld refinement of the mixed boracite Fe1.59Zn1.41B7O13Br

  title={Rietveld refinement of the mixed boracite Fe1.59Zn1.41B7O13Br},
  author={Sandra Ulloa-God{\'i}nez and Ivonne Rosales and Lauro Bucio and Mario H. Far{\'i}as and Jorge Campa-Molina},
  booktitle={Acta crystallographica. Section E, Structure reports online},
The structural characterization of the new iron-zinc hepta-borate bromide with composition Fe(1.59)Zn(1.41)B(7)O(13)Br, prepared by chemical transport is reported. A rigid-body model with constrained generalized coordinates was defined in order to hold the positions of the B atoms at reasonable inter-atomic distances that typically would reach unacceptable… CONTINUE READING