Riemann-roch for Equivariant Chow Groups

  title={Riemann-roch for Equivariant Chow Groups},
  author={Dan Edidin and William C. Graham},
Here ĜG(X) is the completion alon the augmentation ideal of the representation ring R(G), and he groups CH i G(X) are the equivariant Chow groups defined in [EG2]. The map τ has the same functorial properties as the non-equivariant Riemann-Roch map of [BFM], [Fu, Theorem 18.3] and if G acts freely then τ can be identified with the non-equivariant Todd class map τX/G : G(X/G) → CH (X/G)Q. The key to proving this isomorphism is a geometric description of completions of the equivariant… CONTINUE READING
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