Riding the Waves of Culture. Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business (3rd ed)

  title={Riding the Waves of Culture. Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business (3rd ed)},
  author={Alfons Trompenaars and Charles. Hampden-Turner},
Many managers understand that cultural differences affect the process of doing business, but many underestimate by just how much. This book aims to dispel the idea that there is only one way to manager and encourages readers to get to know their own culture before doing business with others. The author explores the cultural extremes and the incomprehension that can arise when doing business across cultures - even when people are working for the same company. The book explains that there are… Expand
When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures
The successful managers for the next century will be the culturally sensitive ones. You can gain competitive advantage from having strategies to deal with the cultural differences you will encounterExpand
Managerial Perspectives on Business Purpose: Values, National Values and Institutions
Doing business internationally always involves developing business relationships with people in other nations. The cultural differences faced in forging crossnational links are well known but theExpand
The impact of cultural differences on an Australian firm doing business in China
In the global business environment today, it is inevitable that activities are increasingly across cultures. As a major emerging market, China offers many MNCs great potential in their future growth.Expand
How Cultural Differences Influence Conflict Within an Organization: A Case Study of Near East University
The culture that people come from has played an important part in shaping any society. Almeida (2002) defined culture as the behaviours, contents and the way people think. Culture is of vitalExpand
The cultural dimension of international business
International business endeavors require people to communicate across cultural and national boundaries. For the past 20 years scholars have explored the ways in which culture influences work, habitsExpand
Models of national cultures
For many managers, the study of culture often begins with a comparison of different cultures or countries using several cultural dimensions (e.g., individualism/collectivism). For example, if aExpand
This research focuses on American companies operating in Bahrain, employing Bahrainis whose national culture governs their daily routine. Making EDS a case study, this research explores the conflictsExpand
Corporate Social Responsibility and Culture
In this chapter, the aim is to underline important issues and consequences when considering the concept of social responsibility for a business. Most of the questions and issues involving corporateExpand
Title Education and competitive economy : How do culturaldimensions fit in ?
Globalization has changed the way people behave in different aspects of life. One of the significant differences is that people are now competing with everyone around the world, not just peopleExpand
Towards a more balanced treatment of culture in international business studies: The need for positive cross-cultural scholarship
The results of a content analysis of 1141 articles published in the Journal of International Business Studies over a 24-year time period (1989–2012) reveal that a pervasive tendency exists in theExpand


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