Rickettsia felis Infection in Febrile Patients, Western Kenya, 2007–2010

  title={Rickettsia felis Infection in Febrile Patients, Western Kenya, 2007–2010},
  author={Alice N Maina and Darryn L Knobel and Ju Jiang and Jo E B Halliday and Daniel R Feikin and Sarah Cleaveland and Zipporah Waithera Ng’ang’a and Muthoni Junghae and Robert F. Breiman and Allen L. Richards and M Kariuki Njenga},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
To determine previous exposure and incidence of rickettsial infections in western Kenya during 2007-2010, we conducted hospital-based surveillance. Antibodies against rickettsiae were detected in 57.4% of previously collected serum samples. In a 2008-2010 prospective study, Rickettsia felis DNA was 2.2× more likely to be detected in febrile than in afebrile persons.