Richer and Taller: Stature and Living Standards in China, 1979-1995

  title={Richer and Taller: Stature and Living Standards in China, 1979-1995},
  author={Stephen L. Morgan},
  journal={The China Journal},
  pages={1 - 39}
  • S. Morgan
  • Published 1 July 2000
  • Economics
  • The China Journal
Over the past two decades, the Chinese have become richer?and taller. Economic reform has transformed China's economy from a plan-centred economy into a market-centred one, raising incomes, creating considerable private wealth and reducing the incidence of poverty. Higher real incomes generally make for more food, better quality food, and better access to health care and education. That these factors have combined to improve the nutritional status of most Chinese is no better illustrated than… 

Explaining Trends in Adult Height in China: 1950 to 1990

IZA DP No. 14414 MAY 2021 Explaining Trends in Adult Height in China: 1950 to 1990* This paper explores the changing trend of adult height in China for cohorts born in 195090. We use information on

Long-Term Economic Growth and the Standard of Living in Indonesia

This paper analyses the relationship between economic growth and improvements in the standard of living, indicated by average heights. It uses four sets of anthropometric data to construct time

Clinal variation in Chinese height and weight: evidence from the descendants of emigrants to Taiwan.

  • B. Floyd
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    Homo : internationale Zeitschrift fur die vergleichende Forschung am Menschen
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“The Biological Standards of Living in China during the Maoist Period (1950-76)”

The aim of this article is to analyze the trend in the biological standards of living in China during the Maoist period and the existent inequality in the country in terms of nutritional status. In

Growing Fat on Reform: Obesity and Nutritional Disparities among China's Children, 1979–2005*

It is shown that the drivers behind the increase in mean body mass and in nutritional inequality are associated with rising household incomes and associated inequalities between provinces.



The second national growth and development survey of children in China, 1985: children 0 to 7 years.

The condition of growth and development of children for both boys and girls from urban or suburban rural areas has been relatively much improved and the urban-rural difference in stature has become smaller, as the increase has been greater in rural areas.

Stature and the Standard of Living

Research on the standard of living now emphasizes alternatives or supplements to the national income accounts. This paper reviews the results of two decades of research using stature as a measure of

Childhood malnutrition and schooling in the Terai region of Nepal and child malnutrition and school performance in China

It is concluded that local interventions or national policies designed to improve child nutritional status could have important educational as well as health benefits.

Increase in length of leg relative to trunk in Japanese children and adults from 1957 to 1977: comparison with British and with Japanese Americans.

Japanese now have trunk/leg proportions much more similar to those of North Europeans than was the case 20 years ago, but their adult height remains about one standard deviation lower.

Patterns in the within-population variability of stature and weight.

An analysis has been undertaken of the comparative magnitudes of the within-population variability in stature and body weight as reported in the recent literature and it is shown that differences in stature variability are substantially explained by differences in mean stature only.

Income distribution in less developed countries

1. Introduction Part I: The Statistical Approach 2. Statistical Data on Income Distribution 3. Measurement of Income Inequality and Poverty 4. Cross Sectional Patterns of Income Distribution 5.

Biological indicators.

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Worldwide Variation

    xinli xingwei diaocha fenxi" (Analytical Survey of Sexual Development and Age of Menarche of Girls in 22 Cities)

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