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Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche : Appropriation and Reception in the Third Reich

  title={Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche : Appropriation and Reception in the Third Reich},
  author={Mina R. Marsow and Steven P. Remy and Jillian R. Cavanaugh and Richard Wagner},


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‘Inhumanity, racism, terror, deprivation of rights and the will to destroy were constitutive elements of National Socialist ideology.’ These words by German musicologist Friedrich Geiger sum up the
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The operatic festival Richard Wagner founded in 1876 is the oldest and most famous in the world. It is also the most controversial, for it became the cultural showcase of the Third Reich. In this
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In view of the continuing interest in Nazi affairs, in the relationship of ideology to totalitarian government and in the effects of this totalitarian state on various aspects of German life, it is
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Over the course of its turbulent history, the German nation has defined itself time and again in terms of a constructed Other. The Other--depicted variously as a political, ideological, or racial
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The almost messianic fervour with which Hitler planned the extermination of European Jewry was inspired by Richard Wagner's antisemitism. Ignored by many critics but often cited by Hitler, Wagner's