Rice with human proteins to take root in Kansas

  title={Rice with human proteins to take root in Kansas},
  author={Emma Marris},
Pharmed food crop approved for growth despite controversy. 
An Overview of Rice and Rice Quality
ABSTRACT Rice is grown over much of the world and provides more calories directly to human beings than any other cereal. Rice production is concentrated in Asia (~90% of total world production), with


Recombinant human lactoferrin treatment for global health issues: iron deficiency and acute diarrhea
Recombinant human lactoferrin (rhLF) is being evaluated by Ventria Bioscience for use as a dietary supplement to treat iron deficiency and/or iron deficiency anemia and has the potential to provide not only the benefits of reduced stool volume and improved weight gain, but also shorten the course of diarrheal episodes via antimicrobial activity against the causative agent.