Rice transposable elements: a survey of 73,000 sequence-tagged-connectors.

  title={Rice transposable elements: a survey of 73,000 sequence-tagged-connectors.},
  author={Long Mao and Todd Charles Wood and Yeisoo Yu and Muhammad Arif Budiman and Jeffrey P. Tomkins and Sung Sick Woo and Maciek Sasinowski and Gernot G. Presting and David M. Frisch and Stephen P Goff and Ralph A. Dean and Rod A. Wing},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={10 7},
As part of an international effort to sequence the rice genome, the Clemson University Genomics Institute is developing a sequence-tagged-connector (STC) framework. This framework includes the generation of deep-coverage BAC libraries from O. sativa ssp. japonica c.v. Nipponbare and the sequencing of both ends of the genomic DNA insert of the BAC clones. Here, we report a survey of the transposable elements (TE) in >73,000 STCs. A total of 6848 STCs were found homologous to regions of known TE… CONTINUE READING
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