Rice security in Southeast Asia: beggar thy neighbor or cooperation?

  title={Rice security in Southeast Asia: beggar thy neighbor or cooperation?},
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Abstract High commodity prices in 2007–2008 and again in 2011, particularly for crops such as rice and corn, have forced countries in Southeast Asia to look more closely at their agricultural and trade policies for rice and grains. While all countries in the region are heavily dependent on rice for food security, there is significant variation in countries’ abilities to be self-sufficient in rice production. This paper examines the factors that contribute to food insecurity in SEA, which… Expand
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  • C. Butler
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition
  • 2009
It is concluded that a sustainable improvement in food security requires a radical transformation in society's approach to the environment, population growth, agricultural research and the distribution of rights, opportunities and entitlements. Expand
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