Rice phloem thioredoxin h has the capacity to mediate its own cell-to-cell transport through plasmodesmata

  title={Rice phloem thioredoxin h has the capacity to mediate its own cell-to-cell transport through plasmodesmata},
  author={Yutaka Ishiwatari and Toru Fujiwara and Kimberly C McFarland and Keisuke Nemoto and Hiroaki Hayashi and Mitsuo Chino and William J. Lucas},
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) phloem sieve tubes contain RPP13-1, a thioredoxin h protein that moves around the plant via the translocation stream. Such phloem-mobile proteins are thought to be synthesized in the companion cells prior to being transferred, through plasmodesmata, to the enucleate sieve-tube members. In this study, in-situ hybridization experiments confirmed that expression of RPP13-1 is restricted to companion cells within the mature phloem. To test the hypothesis that RPP13-1 enters… CONTINUE READING
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