Rice dehydrin K-segments have in vitro antibacterial activity

  title={Rice dehydrin K-segments have in vitro antibacterial activity},
  author={Chao Zhai and Jianbin Lan and Huanling Wang and L. Li and Xiongying Cheng and Ge Liu},
  journal={Biochemistry (Moscow)},
Dehydrins are groups of plant proteins that have been shown to response to various environmental stimuli such as dehydration, elevated salinity, and low temperature. However, their roles in plant defense against microbes have not been demonstrated. In an attempt to discover plant antimicrobial proteins, we have screened a rice cDNA library and isolated several cDNAs coding for dehydrins. Protein extracts from Escherichia coli expressing these cDNAs were tested for their activity against Gram… CONTINUE READING


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