Rice Phytochrome Is Biologically Active in Transgenic Tobacco.

  title={Rice Phytochrome Is Biologically Active in Transgenic Tobacco.},
  author={Steve A Kay and A. Nagatani and B. Keith and Michael Deak and M. Furuya and Nam Hai Chua},
  journal={The Plant cell},
  volume={1 8},
To investigate the mechanisms of phytochrome action in vivo, we have overexpressed rice phytochrome in transgenic tobacco plants. A full-length rice phytochrome cDNA was fused to the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter and transferred to tobacco. The progeny of some of the transgenic plants contain large amounts of rice phytochrome mRNA in green leaves. Extracts prepared from overexpressing plants contain twofold to fivefold more spectrophotometrically detectable phytochrome than extracts… CONTINUE READING