Rice Bran Stabilization by Improved Internal and External Heating Methods.

  title={Rice Bran Stabilization by Improved Internal and External Heating Methods.},
  author={Jia Tao},

Stabilization of rice bran using a continuous microwave oven

The effects of continuous microwave heating and storage temperature on free fatty acids (FFA) contents, peroxide values (PV) and 2-thiobarbituric acid values (TBA) in rice bran stabilization were


In the present study, the effect of treatment of rice bran with solvent or microwave heating and then storage of the stabilized bran on the production of free fatty acids (FFA) was examined. Also

Comparative Study on the Rice Bran Stabilization Processes: A Review

  • B. Dubey
  • Mathematics
    Research & Development in Material Science
  • 2019
Rice bran is an undervalued/underutilized by-product of rice milling, rich in protein, lipids, dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals. It is an inexpensive source of high-quality protein, fiber and

Free fatty acids in rice bran during its storage after a treatment by twin-screw extrusion to prevent possible rapid hydrolytic rancidity of lipids

This research studied the prevention of hydrolytic rancidity during the storage of rice bran stabilized by an extrusion process. A double screw extruder was used, set at 130° C in the barrel and a

Microwave (MW) Energy in Enzyme Deactivation: Stabilization of Rice Bran from Few Widely Consumed Indigenous Rice Cultivars ( Oryza sativa L.) from Eastern Himalayan Range

The work further highlights the efficacy of MW energy in deactivating lipase and lipoxygenase enzymes present in rice bran to give it longer shelf-life for its potential exploitation as nutraceuticals and food supplements.

Improved shelf‐life of rice bran by domestic heat processing and assessment of its dietary consumption in experimental rats

Rice bran, a valuable byproduct of the rice milling industry, in spite of being a rich nutrient, has limitations in food application, being highly susceptible to rancidity caused by the inherent

Rice processing: milling and value-added effects

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