Ricci curvature and measures

  title={Ricci curvature and measures},
  author={Jean Pierre Bourguignon},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Mathematics},
  • J. Bourguignon
  • Published 28 March 2009
  • Mathematics
  • Japanese Journal of Mathematics
Abstract.In the last thirty years three a priori very different fields of mathematics, optimal transport theory, Riemannian geometry and probability theory, have come together in a remarkable way, leading to a very substantial improvement of our understanding of what may look like a very specific question, namely the analysis of spaces whose Ricci curvature admits a lower bound. The purpose of these lectures is, starting from the classical context, to present the basics of the three fields that… 

The Calabi metric for the space of Kähler metrics

Given any closed Kähler manifold we define, following an idea by Calabi (Bull. Am. Math. Soc. 60:167–168, 1954), a Riemannian metric on the space of Kähler metrics regarded as an infinite dimensional

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This note exposes the difierential topology and geometry underlying some of the basic phenomena of optimal transportation. It surveys basic questions concerning Monge maps and Kantorovich measures:

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This article gives a survey of recent research related to the Monge-Kantorovich problem. Principle results are presented on the existence of solutions and their properties both in the Monge optimal

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The fundamental differential-geometric structures of information manifolds are described, the fundamental theorem of information geometry is state, and some use cases of these information manifolding in information sciences are illustrated.

Geometric Quantization of Complex Monge-Ampère Operator for Certain Diffusion Flows

In the 40’s, C.R. Rao considered probability distributions for a statistical model as the points of a Riemannian smooth manifold, where the considered RiemANNian metric is the so-called Fisher metric, which is actually the Fubini-Study metric.



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THE recent physical interpretation of intrinsic differential geometry of spaces has stimulated the study of this subject. Riemann proposed the generalisation, to spaces of any order, of Gauss's

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We present a monotonic expression for the Ricci flow, valid in all dimensions and without curvature assumptions. It is interpreted as an entropy for a certain canonical ensemble. Several geometric

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We present various characterizations of uniform lower bounds for the Ricci curvature of a smooth Riemannian manifold M in terms of convexity properties of the entropy (considered as a function on the

On The Ricci Curvature of a Compact Kahler Manifold and the Complex Monge-Ampere Equation, I*

Therefore a necessary condition for a (1,l) form ( G I a ' r r ) I,,, Rlr dz' A d? to be the Ricci form of some Kahler metric is that it must be closed and its cohomology class must represent the

Ricci curvature for metric-measure spaces via optimal transport

We dene a notion of a measured length space X having nonnegative N-Ricci curvature, for N 2 [1;1), or having1-Ricci curvature bounded below byK, forK2 R. The denitions are in terms of the

Comparison geometry for the Bakry-Emery Ricci tensor

For Riemannian manifolds with a measure (M, g, edvolg) we prove mean curvature and volume comparison results when the ∞-Bakry-Emery Ricci tensor is bounded from below and f is bounded or ∂rf is

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In this paper and in we study the structure of spaces Y which are pointed Gromov Hausdor limits of sequences f M i pi g of complete connected Riemannian manifolds whose Ricci curvatures have a de

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S. Donaldson introduced a metric on the space of volume forms, with fixed total volume on any compact Riemmanian manifold. With this metric, the space of volume forms formally has non-positive

Gradient flows on Wasserstein spaces over compact Alexandrov spaces

We establish the existence of Euclidean tangent cones on Wasserstein spaces over compact Alexandrov spaces of curvature bounded below. By using this Riemannian structure, we formulate and construct