Ribosome‐targeting antibacterial agents: Advances, challenges, and opportunities

  title={Ribosome‐targeting antibacterial agents: Advances, challenges, and opportunities},
  author={Laiying Zhang and Jun He and Lang Bai and Shihua Ruan and Tao Yang and Youfu Luo},
  journal={Medicinal Research Reviews},
  pages={1855 - 1889}
Ribosomes, which synthesize proteins, are critical organelles for the survival and growth of bacteria. About 60% of approved antibiotics discovered so far combat pathogenic bacteria by targeting ribosomes. However, several issues, such as drug resistance and toxicity, have impeded the clinical use of ribosome‐targeting antibiotics. Moreover, the complexity of the bacteria ribosome structure has retarded the discovery of new ribosome‐targeting agents that are considered as the key to the drug… 
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