Ribosomal cistrons in Bothrops neuwiedi (Serpentes) subspecies from Brazil.

  title={Ribosomal cistrons in Bothrops neuwiedi (Serpentes) subspecies from Brazil.},
  author={I Trajtengertz and Maria Luiza Beçak and Itamar R. G. Ruiz},
  volume={38 3},
The ribosomal cistrons of six subspecies of Bothrops neuwiedi (Serpentes) were studied at both the cytogenetic and molecular levels. These subspecies populations occur in several Brazilian regions. The analysis of the nucleolar organizing region banding patterns showed variability in the chromosomal localization of rDNA cistrons. The rDNA clusters were found in two microchromosomes, in chromosome pair Number 6, or even in the one homologue of chromosome 6, and one microchromosome, according to… CONTINUE READING