Ribosomal RNA phylogenies for the vibrio-enteric group of eubacteria.

  title={Ribosomal RNA phylogenies for the vibrio-enteric group of eubacteria.},
  author={M T Macdonell and D G Swartz and B A Ortiz-Conde and G A Last and Rita R. Colwell},
  journal={Microbiological sciences},
  volume={3 6},
  pages={172-5, 178}
Comparisons between the ribonucleotide sequences of 5S rRNAs of the Gram-negative eubacteria indicate that several families, namely Enterobacteriaceae, Vibrionaceae and Aeromonadaceae possess remarkably similar evolutionary histories. A study of the phylogenetic relationships among these groups, through cluster analysis and construction of evolutionary trees, suggests the existence of dissimilar rates of evolution along the several lineages. These dissimilarities are most evident in comparisons… CONTINUE READING

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