Ribosomal DNA polymorphisms in the yeast Geotrichum candidum.

  title={Ribosomal DNA polymorphisms in the yeast Geotrichum candidum.},
  author={Iraz Alper and Michel Frenette and Steve Labrie},
  journal={Fungal biology},
  volume={115 12},
The dimorphic yeast Geotrichum candidum (teleomorph: Galactomyces candidus) is commonly used to inoculate washed-rind and bloomy-rind cheeses. However, little is known about the phylogenetic lineage of this microorganism. We have sequenced the complete 18S, 5.8S, 26S ribosomal RNA genes and their internal transcribed spacers (ITS1) and ITS2 regions (5126 nucleotides) from 18 G. candidum strains from various environmental niches, with a focus on dairy strains. Multiple sequence alignments… CONTINUE READING


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