Ribonucleic acid synthesis in isolated mitochondria from Tetrahymena.

  title={Ribonucleic acid synthesis in isolated mitochondria from Tetrahymena.},
  author={Yoshitaka Suyama and Jo{\"e}l Eyer},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={243 2},
Some conditions of RNA synthesis in vitro in isolated mitochondria of Tetrahymena pyriformis were investigated. Sucrose gradient centrifugation analyses and methylated albumin-coated Kieselguhr column chromatography of the RNA synthesized in vitro demonstrate that RNA ranging from 14 S to 18 S, not transfer RNA, was synthesized. Furthermore, the RNA is hybridizable with mitochondrial DNA, and the hybridization is not inhibited by the addition of RNA isolated from the material sedimenting at 105… CONTINUE READING