Riboflavin and drug metabolism in adult male and female rats.

  title={Riboflavin and drug metabolism in adult male and female rats.},
  author={Jawaharlal M. Patel and Sitaram S. Pawar},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={23 10},
Abstract Oxidative metabolism of drugs in vitro in liver 9000 g supernatant fraction from riboflavin-deficient adult male and female rats was investigated. A significant decrease in overall oxidation of aminopyrine, ethylmorphine, N -methylaniline, aniline and acetanilide was observed. Studies at two deficiency levels indicate that a marked decrease in specific activities of N -demethylation of aminopyrine. ethylmorphine. N -methylaniline and hydroxylation of aniline and acetanilide occurs in… CONTINUE READING