[Rhytidectomy as a preventive measure for the aging face (author's transl)].

  • Josef Schrudde
  • Published 1981 in MMW, Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift


The value of rhytidectomy as a preventive measure is principally shown in the psychological sphere. It restores the patient's self-confidence and consequently a natural demeanor and secures social and professional advantages in addition. If this surgery is to have a preventive character it must deal with the first signs and consequently be instituted in stages. Even smaller measures like blepharoplasty can alter the entire expression positively. Interventions in the periorbital and forehead regions are very advantageous for the appearance. In some cases rhytidectomy should be supplemented by further measures as eg nasal correction and dermabrasion to achieve a really positive effect.

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