Rhodotorula glutinis meningitis: a case report and review of literature.

  title={Rhodotorula glutinis meningitis: a case report and review of literature.},
  author={Sarala Menon and Hemant R Gupta and Ruford Sequeira and Shazia Chavan and D Gholape and Salhotra Amandeep and N Bhilave and Abhay Sadashiv Chowdhary},
  volume={57 7},
Rhodotorula is ubiquitous saprophytic yeast belonging to phylum Basidiomycota. These encapsulated basidiomycetes are being increasingly recognised as important emerging human pathogens. There are scanty reports of meningitis caused by Rhodurorula spp in HIV infected patients. We present one such case of meningitis by Rhodutorula glutinis in HIV-infected patient. The patient also had a past history of abdominal tuberculosis. The diagnosis of Rhodotorula was confirmed by Gram staining and culture… CONTINUE READING