Rhodopsin's protein and carbohydrate structure: Selected aspects

  title={Rhodopsin's protein and carbohydrate structure: Selected aspects},
  author={Paul A. Hargrave and J. J. H. MCDOWELL and Richard J. Feldmann and Paul H. Atkinson and P. Argos},
  journal={Vision Research},
A topographic model for rhodopsin has been constructed based upon evaluation of rhodopsin's sequence by a secondary structure prediction algorithm as well as chemical and enzymatic modification of rhodopsin in the membrane [Hargrave et al. (1983) Biophys. Struct. Mech. 9, 235-244]. The non-uniform distribution of several amino acids in the primary structure and within the topographic model is discussed. The seven predicted helices were evaluated and each helix was found to have one surface… CONTINUE READING

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