Rhododendron heterolepis (Ericaceae), une espèce nouvelle de Papouasie

  title={Rhododendron heterolepis (Ericaceae), une esp{\`e}ce nouvelle de Papouasie},
  author={F. Danet},
Danet F. 2010. — Rhododendron heterolepis (Ericaceae), une espèce nouvelle de Papouasie. Adansonia, sér. 3, 32 (1): 135-139. ABSTRACT Rhododendron heterolepis (Ericaceae), a new species from Papua. A new species, Rhododendron heterolepis Danet, recently discovered in the Indonesian province of Papua is described and illustrated. It differs from other species in the section Vireya (Blume) H.F.Copel by having an heterogenous and unequally distributed indumentum of scales on the underside of the… Expand
A new record of Vaccinium carneolum (Ericaceae) in Indonesian New Guinea
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The altitudinal and geographical distributions of flower types in Rhododendron section Vireya, especially in the Papuasian species, and their significance
It is shown that in west Malesia species with flower colour other than red, not or slightly zygomorphic flowers and relatively longer corolla lobes are commoner than within Papuasia; it appears that section Viveya is, florally at least, most specialized in this latter area. Expand
classification of the Vireya group of rhododendron (ericaceae)
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Rhododendrons of Subgenus Vireya
For the past forty years, those with an interest in vireya rhododendron species have had to rely on the classic account by Professor Hermann Sleumer published in 1966 as part of Flora Malesiana, so it is unsurprising that Dr. Argent’s revision has been eagerly anticipated. Expand