Rhodococcus equi plasmids: isolation and partial characterization.

  title={Rhodococcus equi plasmids: isolation and partial characterization.},
  author={O Tkachuk-Saad and John H. Prescott},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={29 12},
Fifty-four strains of Rhodococcus equi from different clinical sources (mainly horses and pigs) were examined for their plasmid content by two screening methods. Plasmids were detected in 49 of 54 strains. A plasmid of approximately 80 kb was isolated from 21 of 22 isolates from horses and 20 of 28 isolates from pigs, and a 105-kb plasmid was isolated from 7 of 28 isolates from pigs. The 80-kb plasmid was significantly associated with strains of equine rather than porcine origin, and the 105-kb… CONTINUE READING

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