Rhodium-Organic Cuboctahedra as Porous Solids with Strong Binding Sites.

  title={Rhodium-Organic Cuboctahedra as Porous Solids with Strong Binding Sites.},
  author={Shuhei Furukawa and Nao Horike and Mio Kondo and Yuh Hijikata and Arnau Carn{\'e}-S{\'a}nchez and Patrick Larpent and Nicolas Louvain and St{\'e}phane Diring and Hiroshi Sato and Ryotaro Matsuda and Ryuji Kawano and Susumu Kitagawa},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={55 21},
The upbuilding of dirhodium tetracarboxylate paddlewheels into porous architectures is still challenging because of the inertness of equatorial carboxylates for ligand-exchange reaction. Here we demonstrate the synthesis of a new family of metal-organic cuboctahedra by connecting dirhodium units through 1,3-benzenedicarboxylate and assembling cuboctahedra… CONTINUE READING