Rho1p, a yeast protein at the interface between cell polarization and morphogenesis.

  title={Rho1p, a yeast protein at the interface between cell polarization and morphogenesis.},
  author={Jana Drgonov{\'a} and Tom{\'a}s Drgon and Keiji Tanaka and Roman Koll{\'a}r and Grace C. C. Chen and Richard A. Ford and Clara S. Chan and Yoshimi Takai and E. Cabib},
  volume={272 5259},
The enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of the major structural component of the yeast cell wall, beta(1-->3)-D-glucan synthase (also known as 1,3-beta-glucan synthase), requires a guanosine triphosphate (GTP) binding protein for activity. The GTP binding protein was identified as Rho1p. The rho1 mutants were defective in GTP stimulation of glucan synthase, and the defect was corrected by addition of purified or recombinant Rho1p. A protein missing in purified preparations from a rho1 strain… CONTINUE READING


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