Rho/Rho-associated kinase-II signaling mediates disassembly of epithelial apical junctions.

  title={Rho/Rho-associated kinase-II signaling mediates disassembly of epithelial apical junctions.},
  author={Stanislav N Samarin and Andrei I. Ivanov and Gilles N. Flatau and Charles A Parkos and Asma Nusrat},
  journal={Molecular biology of the cell},
  volume={18 9},
Apical junctional complex (AJC) plays a vital role in regulation of epithelial barrier function. Disassembly of the AJC is observed in diverse physiological and pathological states; however, mechanisms governing this process are not well understood. We previously reported that the AJC disassembly is driven by the formation of apical contractile acto-myosin rings. In the present study, we analyzed the signaling pathways regulating acto-myosin-dependent disruption of AJC by using a model of… CONTINUE READING


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