Rheumatologie im G-DRG-Fallpauschalensystem : Metabolische Arthropathien

  title={Rheumatologie im G-DRG-Fallpauschalensystem : Metabolische Arthropathien},
  author={N. Roeder and Wolfgang Fiori and Jan L. H{\"u}lsemann and N. K{\"o}necke and Hartmut Lehmann and Wang Liman and H. -J. Lakomek},
On June 27 2000, the German Self-Administration and lately the German Ministry of Health set the general conditions for a new reimbursement system for the inpatient hospital sector which is based nearly exclusively on lump-sum payments. The Association of Acute Rheumatology Hospitals (VRA) and the DRG-Research-Group, Monster University Hospital, conducted a multi-center trial which included 7266 cases from 22 different hospitals. The data were used to analyze how well the not yet German… CONTINUE READING

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