Rheumatoid flat foot and deformity of the first ray.

  title={Rheumatoid flat foot and deformity of the first ray.},
  author={Maurice Bouysset and Jacques Tebib and E. R. Noel and Thierry Tavernier and Pierre Miossec and J. C. Vianey and J. P. Duivon and Michel Bonnin and Chantal N{\'e}moz and Jocelyne Jalby},
  journal={The Journal of rheumatology},
  volume={29 5},
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between flat foot and forefoot deformities in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in order to improve understanding of the progression of deformity and thus provide more appropriate treatment. METHODS Anteroposterior and lateral weight-bearing radiographs were obtained of 308 feet of patients with RA and 202 feet of patients with neck pain (control feet). RESULTS In women with RA, we observed with disease duration an increased frequency of flat foot that was… CONTINUE READING