Rheumatoid arthritis specific anti-Sa antibodies target citrullinated vimentin

  title={Rheumatoid arthritis specific anti-Sa antibodies target citrullinated vimentin},
  author={Erik R Vossenaar and Normand Despr{\'e}s and Elvy Lapointe and Annemarie van der Heijden and Maximillian Lora and Tatsuo Senshu and Walther J. van Venrooij and Henri Andr{\'e} M{\'e}nard},
  journal={Arthritis Research & Therapy},
  pages={R142 - R150}
Antibodies directed to the Sa antigen are highly specific for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and can be detected in approximately 40% of RA sera. The antigen, a doublet of protein bands of about 50 kDa, is present in placenta and in RA synovial tissue. Although it has been stated that the Sa antigen is citrullinated vimentin, experimental proof for this claim has never been published. In this study, we investigated the precise nature of the antigen. Peptide sequences that were obtained from highly… CONTINUE READING


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