Rhetoric and Innovation in Hellenistic Art

  title={Rhetoric and Innovation in Hellenistic Art},
  author={Kristen Seaman},
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In the Guise of the Popular: the Deceptive Image of the Asàrotos Òikos Mosaics
The Roman asàrotos òikos (“Unswept Floor/Room”) mosaics, which were discovered in Italy and in Tunisia, and date from the end of the first to the sixth century AD, showcase a seemingly popular theme:
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Acharya (V.), Johnson (R.J.) (edd.) Nietzsche and Epicurus. Nature, Health and Ethics. Pp. xii + 247. London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2020. Cased, £85, US$115. ISBN: 978-1-350-08630-2.


chapters show why philosophers should not rest content with their own intuitions about politics as the starting points for reflection in political philosophy. What we assume to be novel often turns
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Discordant Muses
Quaeritis unde is a good opening for a book of the Fasti (5.1). The question and answer form here exemplified is basic to the poem, even if in the classic Callimachean form from which Ovid draws his
Personification as a Mode of Greek Thought
  • T. Webster
  • Philosophy
    Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes
  • 1954
M y thesis in this paper is that personification (in a sense that I shall define) was a way in which the early Greeks looked at the world, and which affected their thought on all subjects, and that
The asàrotos òikos Mosaic as an Elite Status Symbol
This article focuses on the asarotos oikos theme in roman mosaics, and aims at exploring the social significance these depictions have held during the late Imperial age, and their relation to the
The Iliad epigram from the Agora of Athens
A reconsideration of the inscription containing an elegiac couplet about the Iliad found in the Athenian Agora: its meaning is ‘I am (that) Iliad after Homer, and on behalf of Homer / I have been set