Rheotens-mastercurves and elongational viscosity of polymer melts

  title={Rheotens-mastercurves and elongational viscosity of polymer melts},
  author={Manfred H. Wagner and Bertrand Collignon and Jerome Verbeke},
  journal={Rheologica Acta},
In a Rheotens experiment, the tensile force needed for elongation of an extruded filament is measured as a function of the draw ratio. For thermo-rheologically simple polymer melts, the existence of Rheotens-mastercurves was proved by Wagner, Schulze, and Göttfert (1995). Rheotens-mastercurves are invariant with respect to changes in melt temperature and changes in the average molar mass. By use of purely viscous models, we convert Rheotens-mastercurves of a branched and a linear polyethylene… CONTINUE READING