Rheometry and associated techniques for blood coagulation studies.

  title={Rheometry and associated techniques for blood coagulation studies.},
  author={P Adrian Evans and Kevin Hawkins and M Lawrence and Robert L. Williams and Matthew S. Barrow and Naresh Thirumalai and P Rhodri Williams},
  journal={Medical engineering & physics},
  volume={30 6},
This review considers various rheometrical approaches that have been adopted to study blood coagulation, with special reference to the rheological assessment of clotting time and studies of the evolution of viscoelasticity during the course of fibrin polymerization and cross-linking. The significance of the Gel Point in blood coagulation studies is discussed as a common feature of many of these studies in that they attempt to detect a liquid-to-solid transition during coagulation. Coagulation… CONTINUE READING

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