Rheology of leukocytes.

  title={Rheology of leukocytes.},
  author={Shu Chien and K- L Paul Sung and Geert W Schmid-Sch{\"o}nbein and Richard Skalak and E A Schmalzer and Shunichi Usami},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
The rheological properties of human leukocytes (WBCs) have been studied by micropipette aspiration and filtration tests. A small aspiration pressure applied via a micropipette (diameter approximately equal to 3 micron) causes the WBC to undergo a rapid elastic deformation followed by a slow creep. The data can be analyzed with a viscoelastic model: an elastic element K1 in parallel with a Maxwell element (elastic element K2 in series with viscous element mu). Neutrophils and B lymphocytes are… CONTINUE READING

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