Rheology/morphology/flow conditions relationships for polymethylmethacrylate/rubber blend

  title={Rheology/morphology/flow conditions relationships for polymethylmethacrylate/rubber blend},
  author={Mosto M Bousmina and Ren{\'e} J. Muller},
  journal={Rheologica Acta},
Viscoelastic behavior, phase morphology and flow conditions relationships in polymer/rubber blends have been investigated. The importance of such correlations is illustrated on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)/rubber blends subjected to different flow conditions both under small and large deformations. In small-amplitude oscillatory shear (the morphology does not change during the flow) the elastic modulus G′ of the concentrated blends shows a secondary plateau, G′p, in the low frequency region… CONTINUE READING