Rheological properties of the vitreous and the role of hyaluronic acid.

  title={Rheological properties of the vitreous and the role of hyaluronic acid.},
  author={Charles S Nickerson and John Jae Won Park and Julia Ann Kornfield and Hampar Karageozian},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={41 9},
Coordinated rheological and biochemical measurements provide the linear and nonlinear mechanical properties of the vitreous and demonstrate the structural role of hyaluronic acid. "Cleated" tools are used to overcome wall slip and avoid tissue compression during measurements of the dynamic moduli of fresh porcine and bovine vitreous. Shear moduli decreased five-fold from initial to steady-state values in the first hour after dissection. Steady-state values (porcine: G'=2.8+/-0.9Pa, n=9; bovine… CONTINUE READING

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