Rheological characteristics of heat-induced custard pudding gels with high antioxidative activity.

  title={Rheological characteristics of heat-induced custard pudding gels with high antioxidative activity.},
  author={Yuanxia Sun and Shigeru Hayakawa and Huihong Jiang and Masahiro Ogawa and Ken Izumori},
  journal={Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry},
  volume={70 12},
Custard pudding gels were prepared from fresh whole egg, milk and sugar. The effects of D-psicose (Psi), a non-calorie rare hexose, on the antioxidative activity and rheological properties of the custard pudding gels were investigated at different temperatures for comparison with those of control sugars (sucrose, Suc; D-fructose, Fru). The rheological behavior of the heat-induced pudding gels was evaluated by using breaking and creep tests. During the heat-induced gel formation, custard pudding… CONTINUE READING


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